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A while back my mom gave me some vintage scraps of fabric. Some wool, others were polyester .  My thoughts were to make leg warmers, the kind that just peek up over your boots, or maybe headbands. But for the little pieces of scraps, I wanted to do something different.

 I used a little piece of cream colored wool, and added a few things that had been tucked away in a box from my grandfather.

These two frames would be great in a masculin room. Use fabrics that might have some sentimental value. It could be a swatch from a dress or a coat. Add some memorabilia, i.e. cufflinks, or broaches belonging to a special person.

Have things laying around, and you're not sure what to do with them? Imagine a vintage tea towel. Add it to a frame, and put your U.S. state's collectors pins on it! Of course, It doesn't have to be vintage. If you have pins from Disneyland or other places that you have collected, these could be displayed on some fun or solid colored scrap fabric.

Another idea is to use a fun vintage children's fabric. Put it in a frame, and paint the frame to match the fabric. Great for a nursery or toddlers room! I hope this will inspire you to make something fun with the Items that you already have on hand. It's not only a cheap project, but also a great conversation piece.

- Kissa

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