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Sea shells from a mermaid

Sea shells from a mermaid. I love this idea. My friend Erin had been on a little beach trip, and bought these shells for a little girl that she knows who loves mermaids. 

She told her, "I met a mermaide on the beach, and she told me to give these to you". I know that if I was that little girl, I would have felt so special and my imagination would have gone wild! I would have imagined a beautiful under sea kingdom with mermaids collections magical sea shells only found inside their kingdom.  And, the mermaid had them given especially to me! The beach has always been a magical place for me, with lots of fond memories. I also have a thing for sea shells, and I remember as a kid I would pick them up and hold them to my ear, telling my mom that I could hear the ocean inside. My cousin and I would swim in the Baltic Sea, and play in its' warm water (in the summer of course). In the Baltic, you could walk in shallow water for what seemed like miles, never getting deeper than your waist. There were barely any waves, just the sea gently trickling in onto the sandy sea shore. There were funny looking white and black rocks with holes in them, tiny sea shells and lots of seaweed.

When I saw the Pacific Ocean the first time, It was a dramatic and exciting place to be.  It was a different feeling. There were bigger sea shells , beautiful colored sea stars, sand dollars and sea anemones. I loved having the gigantic waves splash on me, and feeling the oceans power. It was the excact opposite experience of my childhood, but never the less as magical. -Kissa

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