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The fresh air and vibrant colors make late spring one of my favorite times of the year. It's not cold, and the summer heat has yet to set in. It inspired me to pick some flowers and herbs from my garden so I could take some photos to capture that late spring feeling.

The vase is from my sister in-law. She brought it back from Germany years ago. It's actually a ceramic pitcher, and one of my favorite things. If you were wondering what flowers I have here, here are some neat facts:  Peony - A plant with many uses. The peony has been used as a cancer fighter, and a cholesterol lowering herb.  Spanish Lavender - Used in traditional medicine as an anticonvulsant and antispasmodic.  Calendula - Some of its' many benefits include anti-flammatory and antiseptic properties. Also great when dried, and can be used in teas or dishes. I use this in both my salads and teas. Disclaimer; Medical supervision is recommended for the above mentioned herbs.

I absolutely love peonies! This year I had so many blooms, that for once I felt good about picking them.

It was so exciting to see our Meyer lemon tree filled with lemons throughout the winter, and now it has new blooms on it!   I can't wait to have more lemons.

The fresh smell of rosemary, sage and chives just makes you want to dive into cooking a meal. My rosemary just stopped blooming, and there is an abundance of beautiful sage and chives in my garden.

So I have a question. How is it possible that there is sea salt in the Himalayas? Is it from when God flooded the earth? Hmmm..... My mom gave me an antique pestle handed down from my great grandmother. I've got to admit, I do not use it. Instead, I have a ceramic one that I use. I think this one is pretty neat.

I had so much fun taking these photos. I enjoy trying to give them a rustic and old fashioned feel (I hope I accomplished that). The table is actually my IKEA wooden chopping block. The background is the chalk board wall from my previous post, "Chalkboard Wall." This wall is getting daily use by the kids! So much fun. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I  enjoyed making it.


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