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Postcards and their many uses

If you find yourself with postcards from the different places you have traveld, and they end up just tucked away in a box or drawer somewhere, then here are a few solutions to make those memories useful. These postcards have been sitting in my office for years, some from my travels with my parents, and others from places that I visited on my own. 

I decided to laminate and cut them into squares to use them as coasters. It's a great way to keep your memories of the places you have been. I am blessed with a small laminator, but if you don't have one then think about either going to Kinko's or get some contact paper.

Of course, if you have sentimental cards from family or friends, just laminate the whole card. This way you can still see what they have written on them. If you have several, then you can put them together and make a placemat.

I found this old Hawaiin coffee postcard and perfect as a giftcard holder. I just glued the bottom and the side together and had an instant giftcard holder. Cheep, fun and unique.

Frequently, you can pick up free postcards an artshows or other events and use them as bookmarks. If you are buying a book for a child or grownup as a present, add a card that fits either the books genre or their personality. For example, I had this cool vintage Universal Studios postcard laying around. My son loves sharks and movies, so what's more fitting than that! -Kissa

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