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Midsummer's Eve

I am so excited to have my eldest home from vacation tonight, and the younger ones tomorrow. I thought I would use my time wisely and get things organized and cleaned around the house while the kids were gone. Instead I lazed around thinking about childhood memories, and let the house fall apart. My poor husband is probably excited to get our clean home back, and food on the table.

So here I am on the otherside of the world,  having forgotten that today is Midsummer's Eve. In Denmark there will be bonfires on the beaches as far as the eye can see. Singing, laughing, family, and friends will be gathered (at least that is how it is celebrated in Denmark). At this time of year, I get nostalgic. I think about growing up in a small country, the memories of family gatherings, the closeness of siblings, cousins and our grandmother who was always around to make things fun. I reminisce about my aunt and uncle's tiny summer house that my grandfather buildt. It was, and still is the perfect place for kids to play, and for enjoying the summer. The smell of the fresh air, coffee brewing , fresh berries and newly baked bread, says "home" to me. In the mornings my grandmother would go out in the garden and pick fresh strawberries to make her simple but delicious fresh jam in the tiny kitchen, while one of the adults or cousins walked to the bakery to buy fresh bread and rolls.

The summer house was a place to relax, play cards and board games and lie in the sun. I can still hear the sound of my uncle's radio in the back ground, and getting excited to hear the garden gate open and closing not knowing who was coming to visit. The whole family would gather for a game of badminton, walk on stilts and have water fights. Even the grownups got in on the games. In the evening we would walk to the beach to see an endless number of bonfires edging the ocean shore. The nightingale would sing one of its' beautiful songs. Laughter and glasses clincking could be heard in the air, and the word "Skaal!"(cheers). There was, and still is a sence of community between strangers. College graduates with their white capped hats and family gatherd to just enjoy the beginnig of summer.

My wonderful Aunt in the tiny kitchen.

My eldest daughter picking mini daisies.

My niece and I.

So there you have it, my memories of a perfect childhood Midsummer's Eve.  -Kissa

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