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Making presents

Today, my son and my friend hung out with me, and we all made crafts together.  This year we made trivets, and hand embroidered tea towels. I used color schemes that matched the gift recipient's  kitchen. This is my first attempt to make either one of these things, and it was fun!

I purchased blank cork trivets at IKEA, and used my dala horse die-cut as a template for acrylic painting on the trivets. The dala horse die-cut will be available in my online store shortly.

The stitching for the tea towels was done by hand, and with my sewing machine. Admittedly, I'm not the best at embrodery since this is really my first time, but hopefully my skills will improve. 

For grown-ups, I enjoy making things that can be used or eaten. For kids, it's either clothes or toys. Sometimes I will also make ornaments, or small decorations, depending on the person.


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