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IKEA hack. Vertical garden

For years we have had a garden, and over the years I have tried to simplify the upkeep. I am so done with weeding, and neighborhood cats that think my garden is a giant litter box! This year I decided to try a vertical garden. I got these plastic grocery bag holders from IKEA. Here's what you'll need to make your own mini vertical garden.

IKEA's Variera plastic grocery bag keeper.

Scissors and a hot glue gun. Landscaping fabric to keep the dirt in.

I marked the areas where I'm going to hot glue. Hot glue the fabric onto the inside of the frame

Let the fabric hang out of the bottom. Tuck the fabric into the bottom, and lock the lid into place.

Ready for planting!  I cut a little slit into the landscaping fabric inside each of the round holes. I used the slits to plant my starters into.  I did not cut any slits into the top row. Why not? When you poor water Into the top opening, the water needs to find its' way to the bottom of the mini garden. Slits on the top row will cause the water to immediately drain out. We don't want that. For plants, I used started lettuce, basil and nasturtiums instead of seeds.

Start on the bottom. Carefully put the roots of your starter plant in through the cut slits. Next, add dirt on top to create the next row. Repeat until you get to the top.

Strawberries, herbs, or veggies could work great too. I can't wait to see the final results. Happy gardening! -Kissa

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