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Helping the Little Birds with their Nests

I feel so blessed when I hear and see all the different birds outside my window. I try to find many different ways to lure them into my yard. These little creatures are always relaxing to my soul.

Even if you don't have a yard you can still create this, on your balcony or outside your window.

I used netting from a bag of oranges, but of course you can use different kinds of netting.

Fill it with lint from your dryer, hair from your brush and even dog hair works great! Natural things are best. (I do not use chemicals in my wash, the dryer lint is chemical free as well).

Find a safe place to hang it, where cats and other outdoor animals can't reach it .

I have mine hanging where I can see it through my kitchen window.

There is always a bird on my "nest filler" and it is fun to watch them collect their bedding.

I hope you find this useful! - Kissa

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