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Family night out

What a treat, my family and I got to see Tim Hawkins live last night. Good clean comedy for all ages and fun music to go with it. We laughed so much that tears  started to roll down our cheeks. The outburst of laughter in the auditorium was contagious .

We were going to get there an hour early to get better seats, but unforeseen events caused us only to arrive only 20 minutes early. It was jam packed with people, and we ended up in the nose bleeds. But, it was worth every penny!

The atmosphere was relaxing and joyful. People were everywhere laughing, smiling, and buying the merchandise .

It was the perfect end to the evening when our youngest conked out in my arms right before the show was over. The older kids were retelling the jokes, and reminiscing all the way home. If you ever have a chance to go see him, do it!  -Kissa

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