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Different ways to use the Dala Horse die-cut!

 I have been wanting to put these pictures up for some time now .  Please check them out! I really hope you like them.

My Dala horse die cut can be used for many occasions. It can be a garland for birthday parties, a cake topper, or a horse on a stick for a party gift. It also makes an amazing scrapbooking element, or use for greeting card. It can also be a cute decoration by itself.

The picture above represents the colors for the nordic countries. Of course, you do not need to use this combination. You can use any of the colors I have available. The neat thing is,  you can mismatch the saddles and horses to create your own color combos. You can also buy an already embellished horse from my store.

For a little scandinavian flair, frame up a Dala horse into some cute art. I added a little fun flower  by using a (Cindy Loo, Cricket cartridge ). You can decorate them however you want.

Pictured above is the intro page to my scrapbook of my recent visit to Sweden. I am so eager to share it with you, that I have not even added my pictures to it yet.


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