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Dala horse Välkommen

My new design is up on Redbubble.com, and available for you to purchase.  This is my first design that was made to be a duvet cover. You can get it in from king, queen, and twin  sizes. I am so excited about this design!  I have been working on many different types of Dala horses lately, from die-cuts, fabrics,  and graphic art.

A Dala horse (Dalecarlian horse) is a traditional carved and painted wooden horse statuette, originating in the Swedish province of Dalarna. Centuries ago, the horses were made as toys and were mainly painted red with a white harness. Saddles were usually painted white, green, yellow, or blue. Over the years the traditional colors have been updated to include a new variety of colors. Designers and artists now do their own interpretation of a modern dala horse.

I hope you like this little  Dalahest. -Kissa

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