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Ahh... The fresh air and wild life

It was a  fun time to rummage around and look for treasures.  I love all the things you can find there! My mind starts to race thinking of all the things I can make or upcycle while walking around seeing all these fun items.

I was so excited that I found this plaque for next to nothing that I will put in with my collection .

It started out cool and misty but by the afternoon the clouds broke free and the heat crept through. Our feet finally conked out after several hours of shopping and we still didn't get to see it all.

I love watching the wild life there. The elk just walk around, and they just don't care if there are a ton of people walking around nearby. My kiddos on the other hand seem to be fascinated with the other creatures that live in the area.

They were especially fascinated with the ant hill.

We returned to a relaxing evening at the cabin, enjoyed a cup of tea and watched the kids in the hot tub.

There is something to be said when you are in the  fresh mountain air, that you feel refreshed and calm. At least I do.

If you ever want to go skiing, hiking or swimming in the lakes, then I would recommend this beautiful place. http://www.packwoodcabin.com

- Kissa

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